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Wheel Alignment is a maintenance service that all vehicles will need after accumulating thousands of miles on the road. You may already notice a slight veering to the right or left when you’re driving. This means you vehicle’s alignment is off and it should be corrected as soon as possible. Losing consistent straight driving in your steering control is unsafe for you and your passengers. Some drivers “learn” to adjust or compensate for any drifting, and the misalignment can go unnoticed for even longer. The longer you wait, the more uneven the tread wear on your tires will become. Tread wear will then become the most obvious sign of your need for brake service. Tires that have worn on one side more than the other are more susceptible to flats, and will need early replacement. This is dangerous and expensive. Protect your tires tread wear by making sure they wear evenly with wheel alignment service. Our precise wheel alignment service uses the most advanced equipment and will get you back on the road driving straight.

Correcting Misalignments From Minor Collisions

If you accidentally drive into a pothole, your vehicle’s alignment can be automatically affected. Depending on how hard the impact was, you may need to drive straight to SAF-T Auto Centers in Naugatuck. Delaying your wheel alignment service will only lead to more dangerous road travel and forced replacement of tires. It is most likely that your vehicle has been misaligned after colliding with a pothole or curb. Pay attention to your vehicle’s steering control, and check for any drifting. The sooner you bring your vehicle to our repair facility the more tire tread we will be able to salvage. Delaying or ignoring your wheel alignment service will end up costing your more in the long run. We’re able to save you money in new tire expenses and ensure safer road travel.

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Give us a call as soon as you notice that your auto, truck, or SUV is not driving straight. Our team is the alignment service specialist in the Naugatuck area. Use our online scheduling system to reserve an appointment time that works best for you. We look forward to providing the quality alignment services that will enhance your vehicle’s steering and handling.