Get Your Vehicle Ready for Summer in Waterbury, CT

You are stocked up on sunscreen and shorts for summertime, but is your car ready for the heat? Summer is a tough time for your vehicle, from long road trips to extreme weather. Hot temperatures can take a toll on your car’s oil, tires and most important to your comfort, the AC. That’s why summer is a great time for vehicle maintenance, to make sure all its essential parts are fully-functional for your summer fun. Follow this checklist to make sure your car is ready for wherever the summer takes you!

  1. AC. We don’t need to tell you about how important air conditioning is in the summertime. Your vehicle’s climate control system works hard and might need some TLC to power through the hot summer months. Regular maintenance to repair leaks and replace parts can help keep you cool all summer long.

  2. Battery Testing. A dead battery is an unwelcome summer surprise. Battery testing at SAF-T Auto Centers can make sure your car doesn’t rest on your vacation time. Your battery should be fully energized for the trip ahead!

  3. Checking Tire Pressure and Tread. Rough road conditions are hard on your tires. Over time, your tires will wear down and should be checked for safety standards. In addition, the air in your tires is affected by changing temperatures and should be monitored to ensure they are fully inflated for your next journey. Maintaining ideal tire pressure and tread will help you drive more smoothly and efficiently!

  4. Engine and Transmission. Nothing can ruin a fun summer faster than serious engine and transmission issues. Luckily, there’s a team of trained professionals that can help you and your vehicle prevent and avoid major breakdowns in Waterbury, CT, so that you can be worry-free when it’s time to get out of town.

  5. Oil Change. If it has been a while since your last oil change, it’s probably time for one at SAF-T Auto Centers. Intense weather conditions, like the summer heat, are especially hard on your car’s oil and filters. Oil is essential to so many parts of your vehicle and needs to be clean to prevent harmful debris from hurting your engine.

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