Taking the Mystery out of the Check Engine Light in Waterbury, CT

When the check engine light illuminates on your dashboard, you might have any number of thoughts, ranging from “oh no” to “now what?” That light is thinking pretty similarly, and could be indicating a range of issues from a loose gas cap to a serious engine malfunction. Before any stress sets in, there are a few things drivers can do when their check engine light comes on.

  1. Make sure the gas cap is tightly closed. Many vehicles have sensors that detect when the gas cap is not closed properly and signal the driver with the check engine light. In this situation, the light will go off after the cap is correctly closed.

  2. See how long the light is on. Check engine lights might also commonly appear momentarily when you start your vehicle, but then go off promptly. If this happens in your car, you don’t need to worry, your car is just testing its circuits as it gets started.

  3. Visit the certified experts at SAF-T Auto Centers in Waterbury, CT. If your check engine light is on after a couple small checks, your car could be experiencing more serious trouble and needs the right diagnostic tools to determine what exactly is going on.

  4. Don’t ignore it! Even new cars with low miles may require professional attention. Drivers with 100,000 miles on their vehicle know that maintaining their vehicle is critical and don’t delay when there is any sign of trouble.

  5. Don’t wait for the blinking light. Your check engine light is an important alert to visit the auto shop as soon as you can and should not be taken lightly. Drivers who ignore their check engine light may soon see it start to blink and then find themselves broken down on the side of the road. Don’t let this happen to you!

Luckily for you, there is a team of trained experts at SAF-T Auto Centers in Waterbury, CT that can help you the moment that yellow indicator comes on. With the right diagnostic tools and equipment, they can handle any cause behind your check engine light with ease.

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