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After years on the road, there is an expected amount of wear and tear. Your vehicle’s wheel alignment is one such maintenance that will become misaligned on its own. Drivers should always pay attention to their alignment and get it straightened out for the safest driving condition possible. The first time you notice your car starting to pull to the right or left on its own, you should head over to SAF-T Auto Centers in Wallingford. Chances are if you notice it, it’s probably pretty bad by then. Sometimes drivers will unknowingly compensate for any misalignment and this can mask the severity of the wheel alignment issue. Our team of qualified technicians are experts in auto repair and perform precision alignment inspections. Wheel alignment services are needed after you accumulate tens of thousands of miles on the road, but can also be necessary as soon as you leave the dealership.

For Post-Pothole Alignment Service

We understand how potholes can pop up out of nowhere. If you would have seen it, you would have avoided it but you didn’t see it until it was too late. Any unnatural impact with a pothole or a curb has more than likely caused your vehicle to be misaligned. After such an impact, test your vehicle to see if it wants to veer off in one direction on its own. Let us get you driving straight again, and keep you and your passengers safer on the road. We use state-of-the-art equipment to give you precise alignment services. It saves you money when you receive a wheel alignment from SAF-T Auto Centers. An alignment will preserve your tires because misalignments cause you tires to wear unevenly. You’ll end up replacing them and driving on tires that are balding on one side. This can become very expensive. Get the most out of your tire purchase by getting a wheel alignment.

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Our team of expert technicians performs wheel alignments with precision. We’ll have you driving straighter and preserving your tires in no time. Your safety is our number one priority and driving with wheels that are misaligned makes the road that much more unsafe. Before any road trip, make sure your alignment is correct. The more mileage you put on your car without an alignment correction, the more uneven the treadwear becomes. You can schedule you alignment service right now using our convenient online scheduling system.