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Check Engine Light Diagnostics in Waterbury, CT

Accurate Diagnostics and Trustworthy Repairs

Your check engine light has just come on, no problem, don’t stress. It could mean something minor or it could be a warning signal to a larger problem. When this happens, bring your vehicle to SAF-T Auto Centers in Waterbury, CT for a check engine light diagnostic scan. Our dedicated diagnostic specialists will hook your vehicle up to a code scanner and let you exactly what is going on. Don’t panic if a trouble code comes up; it doesn’t always mean you need a serious repair. Having a seasoned technician, that you trust, will know when a simple repair is all that is required and when to dig deeper. Be cautious of shops that diagnose trouble codes quickly and suggest major repairs. Trusting your mechanic and knowing that they are only doing the repairs that are necessary is important. Delaying service can and will only lead to bigger problems that require more extensive work and can be ultimately more expensive.

At SAF-T Auto Centers we understand finding the right mechanic is hard. That is why we work with our customers and answer any and all questions prior to getting started. We want you, the customer, to understand what is wrong and what is necessary to fix the problem. We strive for 100% customer satisfaction and go above and beyond what our customers expect to ensure they are happy with the services received. We understand unexpected car problems can be a hassle and hard to deal with. We work within budgets when possible and will always provide you with an honest estimate. Next time your check engine light comes on don’t hesitate call (203) 755-7238 or bring your vehicle to our Waterbury location at 40 Industry Lane.

Common Trouble Codes

Your check engine light is can alert you to various different problems. Before bringing your vehicle into the shop check to see if your gas cap is properly screwed on; this can cause your light to be triggered. Another reason is your O2 sensor. If your sensor is broken or damaged, it can reduce fuel efficiency and effect your emissions. Reduced performance could be the result of your Mass Air Flow sensor. This sensor measures air intake within the engine and the releases the proper fuel amount to run your engine efficiently. If not repaired it can lead to damaging your spark plugs, catalytic converter, or O2 sensor. Although, there are many more reasons your check engine light could be than I have reviewed here these few are common culprits. We advise bringing your vehicle to SAF-T Auto Centers at the first sign of a problem. Let us help you avoid costly repairs and unexpected breakdowns with timely maintenance and auto repairs.

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Located at 40 Industry Lane; SAF-T Auto provides accurate and dependable check engine light diagnostics to the Waterbury community. Locally owned and operated, we offer small town service with affordable and honest estimates that keep our customers returning to keep their vehicle repaired and maintained by the experts. Call (203) 755-7238, stop by, or schedule service online today!