Just Buy the New Tires!

Sometimes Tire Repair Won’t Cut It

If you are a cost-effective individual, you would probably want to consider tire repair before replacement, right? If applicable to your tire’s damage, a repair could help you get as much life out of the tire as possible, so it makes sense that drivers opt against a more costly replacement when they can. We won’t blame you for choosing to repair a damaged tire, but we do want you to understand the benefits of buying new ones. When SAF-T Auto Center in Waterbury, Connecticut recommends that you look into a new set of tires for your vehicle, we are doing it because we care about your vehicle’s performance and safety! Here are a few reasons why we think some drivers should just buy new tires!

  1. A damaged tire is structurally compromised.
  2. Unless you happened to notice the exact moment that you ran over a nail in the road and then drove immediately to our shop, there’s a good chance that the tire’s structural integrity has been compromised. Once a tire is punctured and loses air pressure, it flattens against the road under the vehicle’s weight, causing damage outside the tread area. When that happens, your tire isn’t fit for replacement.

  3. Some damage can’t be seen.
  4. Keep in mind that damages may not be on the surface of the tire and any internal problems that go unnoticed could lead to a dangerous blowout later on. Our technicians perform a thorough inspection to determine if a tire is fit to hit the road again. To do that, we have to remove the tire and to get a good look at every inch, but there may still be internal damage that we can’t see.

  5. The tread is wearing low anyway.
  6. Drivers bring us damaged tires hoping for repairs, but the truth is the tire wasn’t that safe to drive on even before the puncture. Once the tread is worn, the tire fails in its responsibility to provide traction and control. For your safety and that of your passengers, look into purchasing a new set of tires as soon as possible!

  7. You’ll see savings in other ways.
  8. Of course, tire replacement comes at a higher cost than a tire repair, but swapping on a new set of tires could have other major benefits for your vehicle and wallet. Improved fuel efficiency is a great example of how a fresh set of rubber on the wheels could help you see savings over time. You may also be avoiding a potentially dangerous accident by removing the compromised tire that is susceptible to a blowout– an accident that could lead to costly collision repairs.

When it comes to choosing between tire repair and replacement, the decision is ultimately yours. Our technicians will be happy to perform any service that will be safe for your vehicle, but we want drivers to know that tire replacement isn’t the end of the world. It could be a great benefit to your vehicle!

Written by SAF-T Auto Centers

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