Common Factors That Influence Oil Change Intervals

You can think of oil as the best medicine for your car’s engine. Frequently refreshing your car’s oil can’t hurt and might even help extend the life of the engine. However, most drivers don’t want to visit the auto shop more than they need to. That’s why they only want to know when their specific

The Benefits That Drivers Need to Know About Tune-Ups

What is an Engine Tune-Up? Tune-ups are an essential part of routine maintenance for the heart of your vehicle. They ensure that the engine and all its parts are fully-functional and in prime condition to keep your car running smoothly and efficiently, regardless of its age. The certified mechanics at SAF-T Auto Centers thoroughly analyze

Taking the Mystery out of the Check Engine Light in Waterbury, CT

When the check engine light illuminates on your dashboard, you might have any number of thoughts, ranging from “oh no” to “now what?” That light is thinking pretty similarly, and could be indicating a range of issues from a loose gas cap to a serious engine malfunction. Before any stress sets in, there are a

Get Your Vehicle Ready for Summer in Waterbury, CT

You are stocked up on sunscreen and shorts for summertime, but is your car ready for the heat? Summer is a tough time for your vehicle, from long road trips to extreme weather. Hot temperatures can take a toll on your car’s oil, tires and most important to your comfort, the AC. That’s why summer

Do I Need to Have My Oil Changed Every 5,000 Miles?

Most drivers know that one of the most frequent kinds of service their vehicle needs is an oil change. If you are confused about what kind of oil your car needs, when or how often, read on for helpful tips on oil changes for your car. Why Should I Change my Oil? Oil changes are